Wonders of Malaysia: Malaysian Cuisine And Foods

August 3, 2018
Culinary Holidays

Steaming hot noodles, flavorful biryanis, delicious satay, spicy coconut curries and fluffy, tasty rotis…Rashmi Deshpande gives you a taste of not-to-miss, Malaysian cuisine from the West Coast, to the East Coast. Part II in a series on Malaysia holidays


Malay street food

Malays, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Thais…Malaysia is a melting pot of several cultures, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Malaysian cuisine. With Chinese-style noodles, Indian rotis, Arabian biryanis, Malaysian stays and Thai curries, Malaysian food is a symphony of flavors from all these cultures. Tasty, exotic, colorful, spicy and delicious, here’s a look at what to eat when you visit Malaysia

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